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Bob Howes with Storming Norman Lee - Renewing old friendships.

Over 55's Winners 2004/5

Ron Stevens - Mike King - John Gambrell - John Pritchard - Del Turner -

Derek Beecham (holding trophy) Bob Bircham - Dick  Modlock

John Prichard

Fred and Faye Rooke

Christmas Party 2002

Opening Day 2010 Patricia Campbell and Del Turner


 Mike Evans and Dougie Howarth - Usual place - Usual occupation


Frank and Audrey Ralph at Christmas Carols & Rock'n'Roll 2009





Over 55's 2007 - Mike Evans - Mike King - Cyril Whitehouse - Bob Bircham - Bob Howes - and Eddie Allen

Victorian day in 2010 with Peter Carroll



Colin Campbell and Graham Shute 2008 Pairs



Over 55's 2009 Eddie Allan - John Tobin - Len Whitehouse - Mike Evans - Fred Rooke - Dougie Howarth - and Bob Howes.

Marian Tobin and Kath Perryman 2008

Marian Tobin,  Eric Dedman and Des Collings Mixed Triples 2008

Frank Ralph, Gordon Devey, Paul Attaway and Marian Tobin 2008

Walter Hawkins, John Pritchard, Mike King and Paul Babbage 2008

The back of Colin Campbell, Geoff Yarham by the door, Neil and Mageret Murgatroyd with Gordon Devey
Dick Modlock stood behing Evlyn Rogers with Shane Greenwood at the back


Mike Evans birthday back a few years - card produced by Colin Tucker?